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17 Education, Culture, and Sports

17-1 Schools, Enrollment, and Teachers at Schools アイコン画像Excel 97(48KB)
17-2 Household Education Expenditure per Child by Type of Public School アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)
17-3 Results of Motor Fitness Tests アイコン画像Excel 97(47KB)
17-4 Average Growth of Infants, Children, and Pupils by Age アイコン画像Excel 97(41KB)
17-5 Area of School Establishments
 (1) Area of School Ground by Use アイコン画像Excel 97(41KB)
  a Public  
  b Private  
 (2) Area of School Buildings by Use アイコン画像Excel 97(41KB)
  a Public  
  b Private  
17-6 Status of Graduates of Junior High School アイコン画像Excel 97(43KB)
17-7 Status of Graduates of Senior High School アイコン画像Excel 97(42KB)
17-8 Number of Social Education Facilities and Social Education Programs アイコン画像Excel 97(57KB)
17-9 National and Public Libraries
 (1) State of Facilities by Establishment and District アイコン画像Excel 97(46KB)
 (2) Books of Metropolitan Libraries アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)
 (3) Visitors, Registrants, and Personnel of Metropolitan Libraries アイコン画像Excel 97(37KB)
17-10 Museums and Similar Facilities アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)
17-11 National Museum
 (1) Tokyo National Museum アイコン画像Excel 97(40KB)
  a Number of Items  
  b Visitors  
 (2) The National Museum of Western Art アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
 (3) The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo アイコン画像Excel 97(44KB)
  a Number of Items  
  b Visitors  
 (4) The National Art Center ,Tokyo アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
17-12 Tokyo Metropolitan Museums
 (1) Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum アイコン画像Excel 97(34KB)
 (2) Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo アイコン画像Excel 97(34KB)
 (3) Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography アイコン画像Excel 97(36KB)
 (4) Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
17-13 Cultural Properties and Monuments designated by the National Government アイコン画像Excel 97(45KB)
17-14 Cultural Properties and Monuments designated by Tokyo Metropolis and Municipalities アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)
17-15 Industrial Property Rights アイコン画像Excel 97(40KB)
17-16 Sport Facilities アイコン画像Excel 97(51KB)
17-17 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasiums
 (1) Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium アイコン画像Excel 97(37KB)
 (2) Metropolitan Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)
 (3) Tokyo Budo-kan アイコン画像Excel 97(36KB)
 (4) Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center アイコン画像Excel 97(36KB)
17-18 Tokyo Metropolitan Zoological Gardens, etc.
 (1) Ueno Zoological Gardens アイコン画像Excel 97(44KB)
  a Animals by Kind  
  b Visitors by Month  
 (2) Tama Zoological Park アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)
  a Animals by Kind  
  b Visitors  
 (3) Inokashira Park Zoo アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
 (4) Tokyo Sea Life Park アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
 (5) Jindai Botanical Park アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
17-19 Average Time Spent per Day on Activities by Age Group (Weekly Average) アイコン画像Excel 97(51KB)
17-20 Parks アイコン画像Excel 97(63KB)


Management and Coordination Section, Statistics Division, Bureau of General Affairs

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