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18 Social Security

18-1 Social Welfare Facilities アイコン画像Excel 97(78KB)
18-2 Households Assisted by District ※Revised on January 15, 2016. アイコン画像Excel 97(55KB)
18-3 Registration in Delivery Ledger of Pocketbook for the Physically Disabled and Intellectually Disabled ※Revised on January 22, 2014. アイコン画像Excel 97(51KB)
18-4 Day Nurseries by District アイコン画像Excel 97(51KB)
18-5 Recipients of Child Care Allowances ※Revised on March 7, 2013. アイコン画像Excel 97(56KB)
18-6 Consulted Children at Child Guidance Office by Kind of Consultation アイコン画像Excel 97(47KB)
18-7 Children Guided by Child Guidance Office by Kind of Guidance アイコン画像Excel 97(44KB)
18-8 Health Insurance
 (1) Managed by Japan Health Insurance Association ※Revised on April 22, 2015. アイコン画像Excel 97(59KB)
  a Insurance Coverage  
  b Insurance Benefit Payments and Medical Expenses  
  c Medical Expenses , etc  
 (2) National Health Insurance ※Revised on March 7, 2013. アイコン画像Excel 97(73KB)
  a Insurance Coverage Situation  
  b Benefits Payments (Medical Care Expenses)  
  c Premium Payments  
 (3) Persons Insured under Article 3 , Clause 2 of the Health Insurance Law : Application of Insurance アイコン画像Excel 97(41KB)
18-9 Persons Insurance , Approval , Recipient アイコン画像Excel 97(51KB)
18-10 Pension Insurance
 (1) National Pensions ※Revised on March 7, 2013. アイコン画像Excel 97(68KB)
  a Coverage  
  b Contribution Collected  
  c Benefits Paid  
 (2) Welfare Annuity ※Revised on March 7, 2013. アイコン画像Excel 97(47KB)
  a Application of Annuity  
  b Premium Collected  
18-11 Welfare Offices and Volunteer Workers in Welfare Service by District アイコン画像Excel 97(46KB)


Management and Coordination Section, Statistics Division, Bureau of General Affairs

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