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265 Registrations
 (1) Commercial Firms アイコン画像Excel 97(45KB)  
 (2) Lands and Structures アイコン画像Excel 97(43KB)  
266 Civil Cases by Kind and Court アイコン画像Excel 97(94KB)  
267 Bailiff's Work by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(42KB)  
268 Persons Received or Disposed for Cases Prosecuted by Public Prosecutor's Office アイコン画像Excel 97(40KB)  
269 Cases for Adjustment of Domestic Relations by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(75KB)  
270 Cases of Domestic Mediation by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(56KB)  
271 Violation of Human Rights by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(84KB)  
272 Persons for Criminal Cases by Kind,Procedure and Court アイコン画像Excel 97(52KB)  
273 Instances of Protection Extended to Minors
 (1) Persons by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(56KB)  
 (2) Persons by Age and Offense アイコン画像Excel 97(53KB)  
274 Protective Arrests of Juvenile Delinquent by Type of Conduct アイコン画像Excel 97(40KB)  
275 Protective Arrests of Potentially Criminal Juveniles by Type of Conduct アイコン画像Excel 97(42KB)  
276 Criminal Offences by Kind
 (1) By District and Police Station アイコン画像Excel 97(146KB)
 (2) By Year and Month アイコン画像Excel 97(44KB)  
277 Arrests of Criminal Offences by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(44KB)  
278 Arrestees of Criminal Offenders by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(45KB)  
279 Apprehension of Juvenile Offenders by Kind アイコン画像Excel 97(58KB)  
280 Traffic Accidents, Persons Killed and Injured and Motor Vehicles アイコン画像Excel 97(30KB)  
281 Traffic Accidents by Hour and Day of Week アイコン画像Excel 97(30KB)  
282 Personal Accidents and Persons Killed and Injured in Accidents Caused by Vehicles アイコン画像Excel 97(34KB)  
283 Personal Accidents and Persons Killed and Injured in Accidents Caused by Pedestrians アイコン画像Excel 97(39KB)  
284 Children Killed and Injured in Traffic Accidents Caused by Children アイコン画像Excel 97(44KB)  
285 Rescue Operation by Fire Station アイコン画像Excel 97(69KB)  
286 Fire Occurrence by District アイコン画像Excel 97(66KB)  
287 Fires by Cause アイコン画像Excel 97(51KB)  
288 Ambulance Responses by Kind
 (1) By Year and Month アイコン画像Excel 97(38KB)  
 (2) By District アイコン画像Excel 97(42KB)  


Management and Coordination Section, Statistics Division, Bureau of General Affairs

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