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7 Electricity, Gas, Waterworks and Sewerage

80 Contractor and Kilowatts Contracted for Electric Light and Power アイコン画像Excel 97(35KB)
81 Consumption of Electric Light and Power アイコン画像Excel 97(28KB)
82 Demand for Electric Power by Industry アイコン画像Excel 97(25KB)
83 Length of City Gas Pipe and City Gas Sold by District アイコン画像Excel 97(81KB)
84 City Gas Sold Volume by Use アイコン画像Excel 97(19KB)
85 Water Supply by District アイコン画像Excel 97(58KB)
86 Water Supply by River of Origin アイコン画像Excel 97(36KB)
87 Amount of Water Distributed アイコン画像Excel 97(20KB)
88 Distribution of Waterworks by Filter Plant アイコン画像Excel 97(29KB)
89 Breakdown of Water Supply by Category アイコン画像Excel 97(17KB)
90 Water Supply by Population, Water Allocation and Water Use アイコン画像Excel 97(19KB)
91 Number of Water Supply Systems and Amount of Water Use by District and Applied Charge Rate Formula アイコン画像Excel 97(78KB)
92 Facilities and Equipments of Waterworks by District アイコン画像Excel 97(45KB)
93 Amount of Water for Manufacturing Industry アイコン画像Excel 97(36KB)
94 Industrial Water Supply by Industrial Classification and Uses of Water アイコン画像Excel 97(23KB)
95 Sewerage by District アイコン画像Excel 97(66KB)
96 Sewerage アイコン画像Excel 97(33KB)
97 Establishments and Equipments of Sewerage by District アイコン画像Excel 97(22KB)


Management and Coordination Section, Statistics Division, Bureau of General Affairs

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